Keynote Presentation

1. They teach us that the white mens are cruel, really mean ,careless and get anything they want  no matter what the situation is. Like Colonel Lloyd whip anyone who touches something that belongs to him but he feed them well but treat them bad by giving them to much work and Mr. Gore treat them better than Colonel Lloyd by being not giving work to much but if u get accused by Mr.Gore than u will get punished even if your are innocent.

2. In my opinion I think they are both the same because they treat thee  slave the same like Colonel Lloyd order to whip the slaves but that doesn't mean he doesn't treat them bad and he is bully. Mr.Gore is the same as Colonel Lloyd he is cruel , ambitious, careless.

3. I think that Frederick talk about them In entire chapter because he is trying to show how the slaves were treated and what white men do to them and how cruel the white men is.