Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis
"Wise Man"

by: Paige Tatus

Physical Description

Wise man was very humanlike. He had a large brain and walked upright on two feet. This hominid also had thick bones and a short, stocky body. He had a ridge above his eyes.


Wise man lived in Africa, Europe, and parts of western Asia. One resource used by wise man was stone. Stone was used to make tools such as spears, knives, and blades. These tools were used to hunt animals. Animals were also a resource. Animals were used as a food source for wise man.

Special Capabilities

Some special capabilities wise man had were intelligence and the ability to cooperate with one another. Wise man used his intelligence to make tools. These tools were carefully planned out. Some tools wise man made were spear points, knives, and scrapers. Wise man used the ability to work together to hunt in organized groups. Together the group would close in on an animal and kill it. Wise man became the first hominid to use this type of hunting tactics.

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