Self Image

By Alexis Gloria

I used to be shy and run away from the crowd .

I would be scared of everyone and everything.

But now I am more confident and not afraid to go up to a random group of people and start a conversation.

I used to push school away to me it was a waste of time but a portal to get away from my home enviorment.

But now I am realizing this is depending on my future and now I am getting really good grades.

I used to be angry with God and ask why me. But now I am spiritually intact and am thanking him for everything I have.

I used to be the one girl not playing sports and one of the clumsiest girls. But now I am starting to like sports and getting more athletic.

I used to not be able to sing for the life of me when I was a child but think I was amazing but n0w I am a teen with a good sense of hearing and opinion and I believe that I became a way better singer.

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