Freestyle Skiing

By: Mindy, Mary, Christiana

The first Olympics was in 1896. The first Olympics were in Ancient Greece. They did the Olympics because they were to suppressed by Theodosius I. The ancient Games included running, long jump, shot put, javelin, boxing, pankration and equestrian events. Pentathlon. The first modern (summer) Olympics was held in 1896. The first modern olympic games was held in Chamonix in the French Alps. The last winter olympic games was held in Vancouver, Canada in 2010. Freestyle Skiing started in the winter olympics in 1988 Calgary Games as a demonstration sport. There are records of people performing somersaults on skis at the beginning of the 20th century in Norway, Italy and Austria, and in the early 1920's, US skiers started to flip and spin. Freestyle skiing really began to take off in America during the 1960's when social change and freedom of expression together with the advances in ski equipment led to development of new and exciting skiing techniques. Freestyle skiing was affectionately known as ‘hotdogging’. The name seemed to perfectly capture the breathtaking mix of acrobatic tricks, jumps and sheer adrenalin rush of the sport. Competitors go one at a time using short skis and poles. Head and chest should face the finish line at all times while their hips and legs turn. Skiers wear colored knee patches to help the judges score. Time, Turns, Style and Air determine the winner. The setup of the course has some specific rules as well. An Olympic moguls course is usually about 250 meters or almost the length of three football fields. Skiers are traveling 15 to 20 feet per second. The moguls course is separated by 2 jumps or kickers that are roughly 2-feet high. Competitors perform tricks to accumulate more points. Seven judges decide the winner...two judges watch the height of the air that's 25 percent of the score ... the other five judges evaluate the turns that's half of the total score...there is also points given for speed. Freestyle skiing includes aerials, moguls and ski cross. These sports include a mixture of acrobatics, speed, strength, agility and endurance and do it all on snow. Aerial specialists have acrobatic backgrounds and often start out in gymnastics and diving. This sport requires power and control. Mogul skiers need quick reflexes, strength and power and train with plenty of plyometrics. The mass start of ski cross favors athletes who are powerful and quick out of the starting gate and have flawless technical skills. The three famous people from this sport isTORIN YATER-WALLACE, Bobby Brown, and T.J. SCHILLER

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