20% Project On Rube Goldberg Machine.

Choosing my Project (Entry #1)

What did I choose? I chose Rube Goldberg Machines.

Why did I choose? I chose this because I wanted to have a challenge and it sounded the most fun.

What did I want to learn? I wanted to learn a simple task having more and more challenges.

Would I like to do this for a career? I thought about an engineer job, but i'm not very interested in having to do this as a career.

Intro Research(Planning) (Entry #2)

What did I do to plan/learn investigate? I watched numerous videos to determine what type of rube Goldberg machine we want to do for our project. And we determine some materials to bring in.

Intro Research Pt. 2 (Entry #3)

What kind of information did you learn to help complete your project? We watched more videos to get some what of what we want to do. And some what of an idea where to put our machine.

Questions Answered (Entry #4)

What did you do? ( Specifically) We decided to decide what our final task was going to be.

Upload a photo/video.

What question did you answer about how to complete your project? We decided our end task and what our stage will look like.

What you are finding out while
doing your project (Entry #5-6)

In this entry, you should write about beginning and working on your project. Are you having difficulty building, is it working to your plan, your model coming together....?

We had difficulty today because our partner wasn't here and so we didn't have all of our materials to use.

You should include photo or video for this entry. Showing some kind of success and maybe a few failures.

What SPECIAL terms (technical) do you need to know? (6 & 7)

You need to describe any specialized items and any terms you may need to know.

We are starting off with a pulley going down a zip line and a hitting an object going down some books and hitting some dixie cups which hits another object going down a pipe and after that it pushes of an object which pushes another object down hitting tooth paste spreading it on the tooth brush. (Our Simple machine.)

Pulley- A wheel on an axle or shaft that is designed to support movement and change of direction of a cable or belt along its circumference.

NEW Questions and Information (Entry #8)

What new information and questions do you need to research and answer?

Upload new photos and videos if needed.

We need to decide what other machine and idea to do because some of our ideas are failing.

(invite a different adult and Follow and leave a comment on a classmate's tackk.)

Technical Parts of Your Project
(Entry #9)

We are using a pulley as a zip line.

We need to get more ideas for more stages and the materials. Also what materials would work for the right stages and what to do with them.

Technical Stuff Part 2 (Entry #10)

Further explain the technical parts of your project. What you need to do to complete your project, and where you are at. ~ We need to think about more, better stages than just rolling.

Make sure you mention any problems you are having. I have not been here for a few days so we will have to work extra hard because of it.

You Choose (Entry #11)

We are starting to put our stages together and we need to bring in more materials for our next stage.Our ideas began then to click in.

You Decide (Entry #12)

We got 2-3 stages done, but we need to bring in more materials for the next stage, also one of our stages was not working so we have to work on that too.

You Decide (Entry #13)

We continued working on our stages and where to set it up at and we had some failures yet some accomplishments.

http://youtu.be/yq-fxB-aNWc working

http://youtu.be/c8haTxA-hZg not working

These two are videos of one of our working and not working stages.

What is your next step? (Entry #14)

My next step is to have more success in our stages and less failures. We are trying to complete stages 3-4 now and our ending stage completed.We are also testing out most of our stages. We still need in to bring in more materials.

What is your next step pt.2 (Entry #15)

Are next step is to have all of our stages working. We are also finalizing our last stage. We still need to bring in more materials.

Where do you go from here? (Entry # 16)

Today and tomorrow are our last day on our project. We are trying to finish stages 1-2 hopefully finishing stage 3 as well. We will try to test most of our stages too.........We tested stages 1-3 and it it now starting to go well.

Did it work? (Entry #17)

Our project came down to the final seconds of our period and we ended up finishing it yet it was working because we used the right materials yet it could be better. Changing up some changes like not using dixie cups made a huge difference. In the end our project was a working stage but our first stage was the hardest.

Reflections (Entry #18)

I learned that doing a rube goldberg machine takes a lot of time and effort. I also learned you are going to need a lot of materials. You also need to work hard and as a team. Our project turned out successful, but we needed more time per period. I also learned that if you use the materials wrong the stage will not work.

Here is a video that shows our final project:


I think our project had success because we had the right materials and we used them correctly. We also spent time and effort to make sure every material worked for the right stage.t

This project did not pursue me to do this for a career because I thought this was challenging. I also have in mind of something else to do for a career.

I do and do not wish I picked a different project because I like being around friends yet this was really challenging and hard and I thought other projects would be easier.

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