Trash pollution

By: Kyile childers

Define the problem: Is that we need to talk to people to tell them that we are use to much trash we need to recycle we need to save are earth look at are video look what is happening cause we are not taking care of are world.

discover: how to help can make a big different's we can help are water be better we can stop pollution putting trash every were we can help the trash we put on the ground can hurt the animals in the world we need to fix this problem I no we can help.

My Dream : My Dream World is that people would stop littering cause look it is feting are earth people are going to die no clean water trash every if we just to use eat there and watch this happen it is going to get wrose we can help and make it better we can help I no we can.

Plan: I want it to be a clean word no trash on the ground clean as it can be.I think if some one liter they would have to pick it up so the wrold is clean so the wrold can be clean as it can be.

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