TechStyleLAB Symposium

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9am to 10am Welcome and Introduction

10 am to 12pm Design Thinking and Creative Research Session:

PlayLift: Design of a garment-based exoskeleton for children with arm movement impairment ~ Martha Hall, John Koshy, Michele Lobo University of Delaware Three Arcs, Three Designers and Three Textile Design Processes: The Creation of a Piece of Wearable Art ~ Dr. Eulanda Sanders, Chanmi Hwang, Whitney Rorah Iowa State Creating Depth with Digital Images; Applying Space to Generate 2D to 3D ~ Vince Quevedo Kent State University Exploring 3D Garment Simulation as a Prototype Validation Tool for Costume Designers ~ Anne Porterfield, Dr. Traci Lamar NC State College of Textiles

12pm – 1:15pm Networking Luncheon with the Northeast Ohio Wearable Technology Consortium group. KSU Conference Hotel. Lunch Provided.

1:30pm to 2:30pm Poster Session at Rockwell Hall Atrium in 332 Rockwell

2:30 to 4pm Collaboration, Production and 3D Simulation

A Corny Idea: Use of Corn Production as Inspiration for a Collaborative Technology Based Mini Apparel Fashion Line ~ Dr. Eulanda Sanders, Katie Thompson Iowa State Proposing a digital laser-design supply service ~ Dr. Faith Kane, , L. Morgan, K. Akiwowo, J. Tyrer, J. Matthews Loughborough University Online Brand Community and consumer involvement in apparel product development ~ Dr. Kate Annett-Hitchcock, Dr. Genessa Devine, Dr. Marguerite Moore, Sara Englehart North Carolina State University

4pm to 5pm Closing Statement - Symposium Round up Symposium Round up

5pm to 7pm Networking Reception with WeTech group (Rockwell Hall Atrium) and preview opening of the "GEOFFREY BEENE: AMERICAN INGENUITY” exhibition at the Kent State University Museum.

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