"How is American society represented in Super Size Me?"

“How is American Society represented in the documentary?”

America is represented in this documentary as a litigious, money driven, overweight society. It seems like they make more time for buying fast food and making money than they do to eat healthy and exercise. This documentary sheds light on issues that are arising in the US, and issues that have been there for years and nothing has been done about them.

The American society isn’t exactly represent in a good way throughout this documentary. They show the food that is provided for children in schools and it is not nutritious in the slightest and not many schools are doing anything to change it. The fact that some schools provide a well-cooked homemade meal, that is nutritious and others provide such unhealthy food habits is not on. Schools need to realise that they need to put their student’s health before the money they make from selling unhealthy foods.

Schools putting their revenue before the health of their children shows how corrupt some schools are in the US. Another reason why this is so bad is because the school in the documentary that has been providing healthy meals for their students has seen an improvement in their results, behaviour in class and general attitude towards teachers and each other. They are eating healthier and they are happier. If schools around the US provided a healthier lunch for their students they would a see a good work ethic and better work.

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