Train - Angel in Blue Jeans


Based on the video you watched , the notes you've taken in class and the composition you've written, type the final  you created for the story here.  

Feel free to use new  images and make comments on your mates ' stories.

The new end for this story:

Student 1 : In a desert, not too long ago, there was I guy called Bony, a Harley Davidson guy. He used to be feared in the highways because of his shotgun, Ivory. One day, he went to a saloon and the sheriff was there. When they saw Bony , they laughed at him. Bony got really angry. He then diced to make a revenge which anybody would ever forget. He simply kidnapped the sheriff's sweetheart. By giving her a penknife, she could threaten the sheriff by pointing it to his neck. The sheriff decreed death to Bony because he was jealous and angrier than Bony. Bony challenged the sheriff to a duel, that afternoon. With his sharp aim,he shot on the sheriff's head and then the sweetheart and Bony ran away and lived happily ever after.

Student 2 :

Avery ugly and hopeless Indian used to suffer a lot of prejudice in the desert.  They

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