My Greatest Dream

I never expected him to come. A feeling that actually changed me. Well, many call it love but I call it Him. With his presence, I remained to be alive. I felt the maturity between us, the developments and the growth we had through the months. I've got to be happy and excited everytime cause he was there. Each day  is amazing, Each day is a gift.

If i were blessed to be a comedian. I'd definitely crack all my jokes to bring him fun. Won't let any single day pass. Without turning his fears to laughs. I'm wishing to be a great poetess who will put into words what his heart says, I would like to make a piece about the whole him. A piece that he will enjoy reading through and through. I'm dreaming to be a firefighter of the problems burning him up. So before that fire eats everything,I'll make it stop. I'd happily offer my life to save him. For I won't let any fire in him to get worse. If only i could be a doctor at once. Then i would take away every pain that comes. I may have healed his worries day by day. I'd help him forget the failures of yesterday. I'm hoping to be a journalist assigned for a report of him. So i could tape all his words so true. I'd surely listen to it over and over. That i may feel his presence coming closer. To be an engineer of his dreams is my ambition. That i may build a very strong foundation for his success to never be shaken nor it would never be taken.That I may cut the sharp edges drawn into his life's journey. For i want happiness to stay with him endlessly. But in all I desired to be, I am nothing but simply me. I am none of the above and all i've got is love. But if one day he would ask of my greatest dream, I would simply say... to be his EVERYTHING.

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