Samantha Taylor

Photography Portfolio

"Glitter is This Girl's Best Friend"

I love how the focus is all on the bright, glittery nail polish. The depth of field blurs out the other colors and ends of the art brushes because lets's face it, photography is all about sparkle and catching eyes! The leading lines from the brushes also bring the subject into the viewers attention.

"The Rush"

For me, this photo captures what it feels like to be on stage, which is my favorite place to be. Somewhere in the back of your mind, you know that all the focus is on you. You can see the audience, but everything goes by so fast in a beautiful blur.

"Don't Forget Me"

I like the vibrant colors of the sunset. Not only are they pretty, but they represent a beautiful day coming to an end. The blurred silhouette of the trees gives me a sense of distance. The sharp silhouette of the hand stands out against the rest of the shadows, and it's as if it's a memory pleading to not to be forgotten.


I love this picture because the subjects are children. They're just adorable. The natural frame of the car gives a sense of setting and draws attention to the subject. The props also add humor. The fact that they're kids acting as adults makes me feel like they're adults in the present, but they see each other as they did when they were kids. It gives the story that they grew up together. The sepia tone also makes the picture feel like a memory.

"Today is Beautiful"

This bright, vibrant yellow flower gives off a happy vibe. This macro picture closes in on the breathtaking simplicities of life and nature. The contrast also makes the color "pop," and the rule of thirds gives the photo more "depth."

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