Top 10 differences between FFA and Charly

By: Mason Gardner

1.He never aggressively attacked Miss Kinnian in FFA but he did in the movie.

2.In the book his I.Q was 68 but not in Charly.

3. Miss Kinnian was not engaged in the book.

4.He didn't get Algernon at his home in the book.

5. In the movie he worked at a bread factory but in the book it was a box factory.

6.In the story it is in New York not Chicago.

7. In the book we never really were introduced to the landlady.

8.He never had a a motorcycle in FFA but did in Charly.

9. In the story he writes in a journal not on a blackboard like in Charly.

10.Miss Kinnian gave him the lessons in the movie but not in the book.

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