Medieval Weapons

by Jaime Ventura

These are examples of Medieval weapons back in the old days.

These weapons were used in battles and fights between armies or countries or etc.

The first weapon is a knife (Wedge).

The second weapon is a Sword with a very sharp dangerous point at the end.

The third weapon looks like a sword in a way.

The last weapon is a hatchet and is used for fighting in battles and is also a tool for cutting wood.

Weapons were used for battling back then. The picture above is just 4 weapons of medieval times, there are much more to discover and use.

Some weapons are not always used for battling, some weapons like a hatchet is useful for cutting wood and chopping wood. A knife can be used for cutting food, and can also be used for carving.

The crossbow below is used for range fighting.

This bow can also be used for hunting for food for your family and kids.

More Medieval Weapons

The Medieval weapons below are all used for fighting and some are used for tools like cutting wood etc.

Swords are used for dueling and simple battling,

A Polearm looks like a spear that you can throw.

A Warhammer are probably used for dueling and fighting other knights.

A Wand is probably used by the General for defensive purposes.

A Sickle looks like it's used for cutting things and can probably be used to cut wood.

A Parasol, doesn't really look like a weapon... I can say it's probably for defensive purposes.

The next weapon looks like a bigger and more upgraded sword.

A Bow & Arrow is obviously used for Archers that shoot the deadly arrows at the enemies.

A Staff looks like it's used for stabbing things... (Don't want to keep going on this one)

A Battle Hatchet looks like it can cut wood and is used also for dueling in maybe the Olympic Games back then where they had to fight to the death.

A Mace looks like it's used for beating and hitting over and over and probably very heavy and sharp.

A Ring Sword looks like it's used for throwing or slashing sideways to the neck or some sort.

A Dagger looks like they are smaller kind of sword that's tinier and sharper for Knights to use.

A Nunchuku looks like it's used for wrapping around someone's neck and suffocating them? Maybe.

Katar's looks very dangerous and very sharp weapons to use in battles.

Sai's are used for fighting and are very small swords or katana's in a way.

A Axe can be used for battling but can also be used for cutting wood and roots.

Katana's are used by fighters, they dont help with anything else but hurting people.

Swallows look like blades on each end of the stick in the middle and are used by Knights.

A Scythe looks like a awkward axe but it probably used by the Generals.

Tonfa's look like nunchuku's in a way probably used for battling.

Maul's are used for dueling and can be used for hitting metal and flattening things.

Add-Chains are used for beating probably and swinging.

Halberd's look like they can chop wood but people use them for fighting.

Armor is a big part of fighting in Medieval days.

Armor was used in battle to protect the Knights from all the swings and slashes.

Armor was very strong, because the armor covered your whole body and was strong so you won't get hurt.

Medieval shields were important to Knights because:

Shield blocked swings and slashes from the enemies.

A shield can easily save your life if your quick enough!

Swords back then were used for:


*Cutting wood

*Self defense

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