The Water Story

By: Aniketh Vipparla

After playing an intense game of basketball on a hot day, I went inside to get a cup of water. I drank about half of the cup and realized that I wanted more water, than what was left in the cup. I started filling water into my 12 fl.oz. cup, when there was 6 fl.oz. left in it. I turned the faucet on and let the water run long enough to be cool and run at about 2 fl.oz. per second. 3 seconds later, the cup was full and to keep the water from overflowing, I immediately twisted the faucet closed. I stood there for two seconds, trying to keep the water still. I then was so thirsty that I drank the whole glass at a constant rate of 4 fl.oz. per second or two times faster than how fast the cup was filled. All of these things took about 9 seconds. This story is based on graph #3.

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