The Cheyenne Coal Mine

By Jacob L., Noah J.

The Reservation was in poverty

America was becoming industrial

The Indians were not happy with change

The Court became the only way out of the deal

The Cheyenne Coal Mine was a battle in courts about land that Indians owned. The Northern Cheyenne are a community of a little over 4,000 people.  The reservation was in a very bad economy and all of the people were in poverty. America was in the stages of becoming industrial, as the people got more advanced they moved further through the land. A coal company came to the reservation and offered the Indians 17.5 cents for every ton of coal shipped off the reservations. The Indians accepted the deal but they did not know what they had gotten themselves into. The Coal miners began to sell permits to the land giving access to anyone. The Indians didn't agree with this so they fought the Coal company in court. The Indians won the case and the Coal company had to leave the reservation. This is how "Cheyenne beat Big Coal"

Brain Solutions

1. The Indians could have refused the coal deal.

*2. The Indians could do as they did by taking the battle to court.

3.The Indians could have forced the company off their land.

4.The Indians could move away.

We chose to find steps for solution #2.

a. The Indians would first have to make a case against the Coal Company.

b. They would then have to find a lawyer to represent them.

c. Next they would need viable evidence to support their claim.

d. If the evidence is good enough then the indians would win the case.

e. If the case is lost another solution will be needed.


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