Building a Universe

The universe is made out of planets, ,the sun, moon and stars. The first thing we need to build the universe is light. To make light  we need hydrogen.If we apply heat and pressure to hydrogen it explodes and creates the sun and stars which  gives us light.

The explosion has also given us the ingredients we need to make our planets. To build the planets we will need 32% of Iron 15% of Magnesium 16% of Silicon and 30% of Oxygen which makes 93% all together. The other 7% contains Hydrogen, Aluminium, Salt and Calcium. To bind the materials together we need gravity. With gravity the dust rubs together to make it stick which causes the dust to form rocks. The small rocks cling to the large rocks which makes one big rock,a planet.

Now we have created our planets. Mercury the nearest to the sun, Venus the second brightest object in the sky, Mars where a big volcano exists, Jupiter bigger than all the planets combined, Saturn with its amazing rings, so light it could float on water, Uranus the planet that has 27 moons and Neptune freezing cold.

`The last planet we will build is Earth.To have life on Earth we need water, liquid water. Where we position Earth is very important, if it is to close to the sun the water will boil and if it is to faraway from the sun the water will freeze. There for the best position for Earth is between Venus and Mars.

Now its time to light up the universe with stars,we need over three billion stars, a  galaxy of stars.To keep our galaxy together we need a vital ingredient Dark Matter.The gravity of Dark Matter will  hold our universe together.

And that is how to build a universe.

                                                                    By  Geordan

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