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A new competitive battling information page!

This new page series is here for all those up and coming competitive wi-fi battlers for the X and Y meta game! These pages will be all about the pokemon and there stat totals, pokedex information, my own opinion on the pokemon, and a custom tier system... okay maybe I should explain that. In the normal meta game, people go by smogon tiers, those being NU (never used), UU (under used), OU (over used), Ubers, etc. As you can see, these are used by how often a pokemon is used, not how good the pokemon is. For example, diggersby has a base stat total of 423. Not that much higher than 2nd stage pokemon, yet he is OU. Why? I would assume it is the meme DIGGERSBY THO?! So my list would be more of a usefulness (is that a word) list instead a times of use list. The list will include the following tiers, NSP (not so powerful), SP (sorta powerful), NP (neutraly powerful), GP (Greatly powered), OP (overpowered), and BANNED. The tiers will be decided by stats, usefulness of abilities, movepool, and types. If certain items can make a pokemon powerful, if they hold the item, they can move up a tier. Got a suggestion for the name of the tier sets (like how smogons tiers are called, well, SMOGON tiers). I hope you guys are exited for this, and we will begin with bulbasaur, for we will be going by pokedex order.

                                                  Name of pokemon

                                                    pokedex number

                                                  picture of pokemon                      

                                                   pokedex information

                                                       base stat total




                                               My recommendations  (dont follow these unless you trust me xD)