Amber White

I'm interested in anything creative, including reading, writing, drawing, cosmetology, painting, and musical outlets. I have four younger siblings, two brothers and two sisters. I participate in Marching Band as part of the color guard. I love big cities, especially New York City.

About Me


I love Animated Disney movies, and still watch them a lot. Lion King is my favorite but I like a lot of others as well, including Peter Pan. I love quotes as well, so Disney quotes are pretty to me.

Best Friend

My best friend has been my best friend for ten years. We've grown up together, and our families are close knit as well. We have a lot of memories and "traditions" like our last day of school walk to Dairy Oasis, or going to the premiers of movies we have both read the book to. We always get photo strips at the premiers, and the picture above shows the comparison from the first Hunger Games movie to the second.


I enjoy art a lot, and draw more than anything. I tend to draw realism in black and white. I like drawing people and mythical creatures. I drew the dragon above about a year ago in pencil and charcoal.


New York City

I've always been drawn to New York City, and as I've gotten older I have decided I want to live there. One of my goals is to move there at least for a few years. I want to accomplish this goal by going to NYU for college and living in the city while in school.


Another goal of mine is to go to Tech for cosmetology. I want to use this as my back up plan, and to hold a job while I go to college for what I truly want to do in the future. I plan to get into Tech by getting good grades this year.


My last goal is to become a nonfiction writer and have my books published. I already write stories and am working on what could some day be books, I just have to finish them. I'm going to achieve this goal by continuing to write my stories and going to college for creative writing, then sending my work to different publishing companies.



If I could travel anywhere, I would go to Greece. I love reading the mythology from there, and really like the history of it. It's also incredibly beautiful, near bright blue waters. I would want to see the Parthenon (above) in specific.

This is Greece as a whole, but the place I would go to is Athens. Athens also happens to be the capital of Greece. Greece is located near Italy and Turkey. It is part of Europe.

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