Where She Went

By: Gayle Forman
Book report by Sidney and Bailey

Main Characters

Adam- Bryn's current boyfriend and Mia's ex boyfriend. He is the guitar player in a rock band called Collateral Damage

Aldous- Adam's manager for Collateral Damage.

Mia- Adam's ex girlfriend. She is a concert cellist.  

Adam snuck out of his hotel to see Mia's recital. Before Adam could leave he was called backstage to meet with Mia. They felt like strangers when they talked. Mia said she was sorry for leaving him but they didn't get back together.   

Adam and Mia ran into each other and was going to go out to eat when someone recognized Adam and they got over-powered by paparazzi and had to go home.

Adam broke up with Bryn because he still has feelings for Mia.

Adam and Mia went on a date to see the Statue of Liberty. Mia started talking about when she could hear and see everything while she was in her coma. She makes Adam mad by saying she hates him because he made a vow to Mia saying he would do anything to have her stay.

Mia invites Adam to spend the night at her apartment and Mia ends up going on tour with Adam's band.


What did you enjoy about the book?

We enjoyed how it continued the story of Mia and Adam from the first book. We also like how it follows Adams point of view instead of Mia.

If this book is a part of a series, can you provide more information about the series?

Yes; it's the second book following "If I Stay." The first book ends in Mia waking up from a coma with her parents and brother dying from a car accident.

Was the ending satisfactory?

Yes because Mia and Adam got back together.

Why would you recommend this book?

We would recommend this book because it is a love story that isn't perfect so it could happen to anyone and it focuses on the reality of the world instead of fantasy.