Crisis On Campus

A Bold Plan For Reforming Our Colleges and Universities
by Mark C. Taylor

No Tenure, No Problems

For my book review, I chose Mark C. Taylor's Crisis on Campus: A Bold Plan for Reforming our Colleges and Universities. In his book, Taylor discusses some major issues facing secondary education today and comes up with a bold plan: we must abolish tenure.


Mark C. Taylor is a professor and chair for the Department of Religion at Columbia University.

The Argument Against Tenure

Taylor argues that tenure is too expensive and doesn't encourage professors to adapt to changing times and fully realize their teaching potential. He also wants a mandatory retirement age.

In this video, Taylor discusses his book in great detail. A question and answer session follows his talk.

How I Used Tackk to Help my Presentation

Tackk allowed me to make a simple web page that I could share with the class. I was able to add text, picture, and video simply, in an attractive format that is not only easy to read, but easy to share. At the click of a button, I could send the link to my Tackk on any social media site or through email. The receipiant does not need an account or log-in information to view my work.

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