Ancient Chinese Writing!

Paper,Ink,Brush,and the Oracle Bone!!!

This is an example of some Chinese writing!

I am only going to give you a brief explanation of Chinese writing and then Keeyun will take over from there. The first thing that you HAVE to know is that we found our information about Chinese Writing today from Oracle Bones! Oracle Bones are animal bones that have really important Chinese writing on them (8 Davidson). They were passed down through centuries and centuries(8 Davidson). Now lets talk about the Ink, Brush and Paper.


The Ancient Chinese ink was made from pine,oil, and other natural materials(12 Davidson). Ink had no chemicals in it. It was all natural. They would use the ink to write on the wooden blocks and use them for printing(24 Sen). Ink was easy to get because they made it from natural materials and their benefit is living near wild life.


The brush was made from animal hair(Davidson 14). These would be dipped in the ink and be used for multiple things, such as painting,writing(Davidson 12).


Paper was made from many different things such as fishnets, bark,rags and wood. They did not just use paper they also used; bamboo for writing on and also silk(Sen 24). Wooden blocks were also used for a "paper". They would write on them and print the writing on paper,i.e the wooden block works like a stamp(Sen 24). Pottery was also used for writing on(Davidson 14).

My first essential question is "How did Ancient China demonstrate the seven Characteristics of any civilization?" Ancient Chinese writing fits under two categories. It fits under Writing, and Art. Ancient Chinese writing was not letters at all, it was symbols(Shuter 25). Keeyun will get into all of that. Ancient Chinese Writing  fits into writing because they used it to communicate with others around the globe.

Fundamental Facts.

1=Bark, Roots, Rags, and Old Fishnets was what they made paper out of!

2=Ancient Chinese Writing began in 1,500-600 B.C!

3=Around 180 A.D they invented paper!

4=Chinese were the first to use Wooden Blocks for printing!

5=Chinese made writing into art form called calligraphy!


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