The trip to Ireland!

This trip was one the best trip i've ever done so i'm going to discribe it.

First, we began the trip to the "Champ de Mars" at 11 o'clock until Cherbourg for take the boat. We slept in there and it was very funny but i was very sick too so it was less good for me. We arrived in Dublin the next morning day and the weather wasn't so good. I went in my family with Lorenzo and Alex and people was rather nice. The house was pretty but a bit little and the food wasn't so good. I gave to my family some waffles but they gave those in return for the dessert and the next day they gave to the dog... But we laughed a lot about this so i don't care.

During this trip, we did a lot of things. The first day we went to Dublin for visit a museum and after that, we did some irish sports like Football Gaelic or Hurling. It was new and very funny but special. The others days we went to the "Causey Farm" and over there we milked a cow, saw some animals like sheeps and horses and we learnt an irish dance but i wasn't very good at this. Next we went to an old village called Glendalough, we visited the site and saw some monuments but after some students did a walk and the rest stayed in the bus and watched a film.

The last day in Ireland, we went to Dublin and had a lot of free time like 6-7 hours and we did a treasure hunt in Dublin which was very funny. Luca won this and got in return a price.

Finally, we took 2 times the boat and cross United Kingdom. The trip was very funny and interested and getting hard to forget.

We can see all of us on the beach at PortMarnock.

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