Final Project

The Purge

Movie Poster Review

The movie poster for The Purge shows that the movie is a horror movie. It shows a large close up of the bad guy in the film. The text is noticeable and bold to the left of his head. Its got a little catch phrase (One night a year all crime is legal). The movie is about a night where all crime is legal including murder. A family has a special lock down system but the son lets a stranger in. Its a good movie with a little twist at the end. The movie poster has hash tags (#survivethenight). Another clue that the movie is a horror movie is that it is made by the producers of the Paranormal Activity series and the movie Sinister. It also shows when the movie is going to be in theaters. The poster dosen't got much color but its supposed to be dark and scary like becasue the movie is a horror movie

The Purge: Anarchy

Movie Trailer Review

The Purge: Anarchy movie trailer show the beginning of the movie where the couple is trying to get home before the purge starts. Their car breaks down and the are stranded out on a bridge. They hear on the radio that the purge starts. They try to run with out getting killed. They show some new characters and The neighbors from the first one. It does a good job of telling when the movie come out and special saying from the movie (How will you Purge). It shows some things blowing up and how the purge is when it happens. The movie is a horror movie with thrilling, horror, and action scenes. The movie is made by universal studios. At one point it looks like they get chased down and cornered. Another little saying they have is "Are you ready for Anarchy". I think the movie will be good.

The Most Important Things a Artist Should Remember Without Signing a Record Label

Some of the most important things a artist should remember is that you have no money when you start you gotta put out a EP or something to get fans aware of your music then labels with start hearing your music and want to sign you. If your not planning to go with a label you gotta find a way to get money and keep producing your own music. After your EP other local band will start to hear you and play local shows with you that will get you some money to produce a album. When you produce your album you need to get it out there. Put it on youtube soundcloud and bandcamp. Soundcloud allows you to post you music for free for people to listen to and enjoy. Bandcamp allows you to put your music and or EP on their site to gain money you set your own price and you can even ask them to to pay what they want for your music. Another way to get your music out is set up social media accounts for facebook, Twitter, ect. Put it this was you dont sign with any label you control all your money but you dont get as big as you would with a record label

2 Movies Being Released

A movie that could put the face on things and make toys and things like that is Mr. Peabody & Sherman. They could make toys of the two main characters and stuff like that. Because its a kids show more kids will want that toy watches water bottles ect. Kids are gonna wanna see this movie because its a kids movie it animated and made for kids. A movie that would not make sense to use merchandise is Hannibal 2. The movie is probably more of a adult show not made for kids to see because of all the gore and blood involved in the movie. I feel they wouldn't make toys or merchandise for Hannibal 2. Most people if they are going to make merchandise for a movie its for a animated kids movie most times unless the movie is popular then it might make some t-shirts and stuff like that

How The Beatles Got Screwed Over

In 1962 the Beatles signed a deal with Parlophone Records. However, covered the Beatles as performers only: it established that any numbers the Beatles recorded would be issued domestically on record by Parlophone, with the distribution, accounting of sales, and resulting tallying of royalties to be overseen by the parent company, EMI. So pretty much the songs the beatles wrote were owned by Parlophone. They wanted a big percentage of of all the things they sold

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