European Monarchies

The time of the shocking dresses

This is the time of the scandalous  queens who we huge dresses with expensive fabrics. One of them is Marie Antoinette and her love for  clothes and delicate objects were some of the reason of her death. This queen spent millions of pounds during a hard economic time of France, so the crisis became deeper and deeper with her big rates. In 1815 she was sentenced to death for being one of the guilty of the crisis.

18th Century court costume

In the 18th Century was so important to be well dressed all day and that would meant that you came from a important family. The royal family spent a lot of money on dresses and jewerly but also did the middle class families so their daughter could had a good husband.

The men  costume

As well as we know Marie Antoinnete costume, we could see the benchmark for menswear, his husband Luis XVI from France. He wore such long coats with high heels and even long hair. If we see a man wearing that nowadays we could think that he is crazy! But anyway he was the king of France and Austria so the men that could paid those clothes, they did it.

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