Tinker, Make & Learn

#TMLOOE Grant Objectives

  • Show the value of quality bended Open Courseware as effective professional development that supports discovery and exploration.
  • Develop a replicable blended learning Open Online Experience that adds material to the body of knowledge of teaching making.
  • Evangelize the Maker Movement as an interesting and effective learning phenomenon.
  • Create content that develops the maker mindset of growth and that encourages participants to believe they can learn to do anything.
  • Advocate the design and development of MakerSpaces in a variety of community contexts that serve a diverse group of learners.
  • Promote integration of tech, education and problem solving as model of learning for the social good.
  • Develop a corp of Maker Educators.

Course Content & Flow

Content Modules

  1.        Start Here: Intro, Orientation, Welcome, Logistics
  2.        Kickoff: The Maker Movement 
  3.        Who are the Makers?
  4.        The Intersection of Making and Learning
  5.        MakerSpaces, Fablabs, PopUps and MakerShops
  6.        Making Your Space
  7.        Assessing Making
  8.        Maker Resources

The Blend
Online, in course
- Interviews with Makers of all kinds, MakerSpace Tours, Academic Articles, Planning Guides, Maker Movement Booklets & How To, Pedagogical Theories of Making, Lots of mini feedback Surveys, LOTS of Resources, Reflection Discussion, Affinity Groups, Badges (Canvabadges)
Online, out of course - Reflection and Iteration (tool of choice); Artifacts and Documentation (tool of choice), Sharing (Google docs, Pinterest), Twitter, Virtual Making, Pursuitery
Offline - Meet-ups, Local tours of MakerSpaces, Hands On Maker Focus and DIY projects, 3DPrinter Hub, Maker Events

The Flow in Modules

  1.        Overview
  2.        Learn About It
  3.        Collaborate & Connect
  4.        Read It
  5.        Hear It/See It
  6.        More (Optional)
  7.        Do It

Collaborate and Connect: Connectivist, Constructivist, Experiential Pedagogy (argue with me @robinwb)

       Document and Share with chosen tool
       Grow your PLN
       Reflect via Course Discussion
       Suggest via Resource Bank in Google Doc

Do It: Maker Focus and DIY Project Tasks

  1.        What to do
  2.        Curriculum Connections
  3.        Feedback, Artifacts and Reflection