Heroes In The Making

Three articles about three amazing heroes were based on how and what they did to save and improved the lives of others. One article was about a boy named Deamonte Love  who lived in Louisiana during Hurricane Katrina . Deamonte took care of five kids and watched them till his mother had arrived at the shelter that they were staying at. The second article was about a 14 year old girl named Ariel Creamer. Ariel is a survivor of Hurricane Sandy.  Ariel helped the families who lost all of their prized possessions because of the storm.  In the final article there is a boy named Matt who also is a survivor of hurricane sandy. Matt helped saved the lives of his neighbors who were about to drown in the cold water. Matt went into the water and reacted on instinct to save an old lady and her two dogs! These young people are outstanding for there generosity and brave behavior.

Rockaway New York

Katrina in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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