By Britton Elkin


Used to protect the pharaohs for the after life.

A structure that is make out of limestone for pharaohs.


Processes of preserving the dead to go to the after life.

They waded the heart to a feather to see if they would go to the after life.

king tut died he he was 19  years old.


The king of Egypt.

Two adventurers found king Tuts tom.A wile later they started having problems.One of them died and the person that first stepped in the tom,didn't have any problems.

Nile River

The only river that flows through Egypt.

Around the Nile river there was the black land and red land.The black land was used to grow crop because it is next to the Nile river so it would get water.The red land is all desert.


The Sphinx and the 3 pyramids.

The Sphinx inspires adventures,artist,travelers and many more.

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