Theme for Speak : Sterotypes

In this book, Melinda the main character is new, and she goes to a before-school senior party. There, she gets drunk and raped, then calls the cops and is shunned the entire school year for that. No one knows the full story of what really happened but her and IT. (Andy Evans/Andy Beast)

Analyze a major theme that is developing in the novel. What is the theme?

The theme emerging in this novel is stereotypes and bullying.

How is it developed over the course of the novel?

Melinda gets bullied several times throughout this book. Not only by students, but by teachers too. For example, on page 25 Mr.Neck runs after Melinda, and purposely treats her like a sack of potatoes because we think that Mr.Neck's son got in trouble for being at a party she called the cops on.  If only people knew the whole story.

How did it emerge, and how is it shaped by specific details in the novel?

Well to start off with, Melinda stereotypes all of cliques in the beginning. (page 4) and she also sterotypes the teacher for example Mr.Freeman on page 10, she says he is like a hippy, he is old and tall and a circus freak. WHO KNOWS, maybe she'll turn out to be really close to him.

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