Honeymoon Troubles

Vanya's POV

We were on a train on our way to our honeymoon. Seymour sat on the bench across mine and he just looks out the window of our cabin perhaps enjoying the passing scenery. I wonder what he was thinking.

I looked down my hand and examined my wedding ring. It was a silver ring adorned with small diamonds that encircled a bigger emerald gem which was the centerpiece of the ring. Engraved inside the ring were the words "Crazed Lunatic" I haven't got the meaning of it yet but oh well. I loved it still.

'We're finally married~ Cinabun is finally my honeybun, though he might not share the same feelings as I have to him, it's alright.' I thought as I smiled at the ring."He'll learn to love me." I mumbled. Oh, how wonderful it would be when my honeybun finally loves me! We'd the most lovey-dovey couple in all-

"Vanya." Speak of the devil, I mean of my handsome, charismatic, and dashing merchant~ "Yes, honeybee?" I said sweetly to my husband and fluttered my eyelashes at him. "It has been five days since the wedding and you're still wearing the dress. Might I ask why?" He asked in his most melodious voice, meaning his normal speech. "It is a symbol of our love, darling~" I smiled at him.

He frowned at the condition of my dress "Maybe so, but it is dirty and tattered. There may as well be raccoons living in the folds of your gown." It's true. I have been wearing this for five straight days. This dress was just too pretty to let go! "Mhm... Okay." I absent-mindedly agreed to his insult. His cute little remarks, ahh~ I bet actually compliments are even sweeter.

After a moment of silence. My mother called. I whispered "I need to pee." I stood up and ready to leave the cabin before Seymour asked "Where are you going?" I thought he was too preoccupied to even notice me. How sweet~ "Bathroom." And left the cabin.

I marched down the hallway to try to find the bathroom, but then noticed something strange about the door at the end of the hall. The exit door seems loose. Moving forward towards the door, I grabbed the knob. It was loose, more likely broken. I did what any logical person would do at that very moment.


'What is taking him so long?' Seymour was getting worried about Vanya. He sighed 'He is fine... Everything is fine. Seymour, You worry too much.' then as he looked out the window, he saw a someone in a white dress tumbling off into the forest. "Vanya, you idiot."

Part 2 of the other one!