Eve Merriam

July 19, 1916 -April 11, 1992
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-New York City

Eve Merriam ( Eva Moscowitz) is one of the four children of Jennie and Max Moscowitz. The family owned a line of dress shops, and Eve grew up with fashion. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1937 and embarked a graduate study at Columbia University. She changed her Jewish surname, Moscowitz, to Merriam from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary on her desk. She was married four times and had two sons by her second husband. She died on April 11 1992.

Eve's career centered on New York. She is mostly known for her book's of children's poetry, but there is more to Eve's writing career. She wrote biographies of women and men whom she saw as models, like Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Martin Luther King, Jr. She transformed political views into poems and plays of urban life and social justice. She also transformed nursery rhymes into social commentary.

Sample Poem:


Dot a dot dot dot a dot dot
Spotting the windowpane.
Spack a spack speck flick a flack fleck
Freckling the windowpane.
A spatter a scatter a wet cat a clatter
A splatter a rumble outside.
Umbrella umbrella umbrella umbrella
Bumbershoot barrel of rain.
Slosh a galosh slosh a galosh
Slither and slather a glide
A puddle a jump a puddle a jump
A puddle a jump puddle splosh
A juddle a pump a luddle a dump
A pudmuddle jump in and slide!