Principles of the Declaration

Unalienable Rights

A right that cannot be given or taken away from you. A natural, basic right such as freedom of speech, religion, to bear arms, etc.

Government by Consent

The authority of the government depends on the consent of the people. The amount of power that the government has depends on how much power the people give it.

Why does a just government need consent of the governed?

A fair government needs consent of the governed because it's only fair for everyone to have a say because freedom of speech is an unalienable right, so if the people give the government the power then you need to hear what people are saying.

Responsibility for Protecting our Rights

I believe that the government is responsible for protecting our unalienable rights. I believe this because they are the people in charge that everyone looks to when they're, stressed, in need of help, mad, etc. The government kind of runs our life with what we can and can't do so I expect them to protect me like a parent should protect a child. It is an unalienable right to be able to eat. If someone is running low on luck the government can and most likely will help them by doing something like giving them food stamps. Even prisoners still have unalienable rights.

Principles Outdated?

No, the principles of unalienable rights and consent of the governed are still true today. People still need and have unalienable rights and we still have consent of the governed. Every U.S citizen is eligible to vote on election day once they are eighteen years old.

Do they Matter?

The principles matter to me. It is important to me that I have those unalienable rights and consent of the governed. Everyone has rights, but some people have more or less of a right. There may be a kid who's family is tight on money, so they keep their clothes as long as they can and then take hand me downs. Then there's millionaire's like the Kardashian's who have ten times the amount of clothes than the richest kid in school. The Kardashian's are luckier and get more than someone less fortunate, but that doesn't mean they don't both have the right.