Why Scheduling Is A Must For Construction Projects?

When you set out to construct a building, no matter how small or large, you can’t do it in one go. Even a layman would know this, that as far as construction is concerned it is an activity that needs to be planned and executed in phases. To make your project successful you need to ensure that every phase is planned perfectly and executed without any delays. The entire project would depend upon it and this is why you would need to be used construction scheduling consultants. This would allow you to divide the entire project into parts starting from the phase you need to be completed first right up to the last phase. Most consultants make use of the Critical path method or CPM as it is popularly known. It allows you to draw what-if scenarios which make it possible to draw contingency plans for the threats you have identified. In addition to this you would also be able to draw resource and cost loaded schedules. Because this kind of scheduling needs expert handling and planning you would be advised to get the services of CPM scheduling consultants who are well versed with the application of such systems.

After scheduling comes the need for monitoring of the progress of the project. A well planned project has a higher degree of reaching a successful completion, but along with planning you also need effective monitoring. This allows efficient completion of the project so that there are fewer delays and faster response to situations that may cause loss or delays to the project. In case you do face situations where there is a delay in the completion of the project because of the ignorance or mistake of a third party then you can file a claim against that as well. For all such needs you can rely on construction claims consultants such as IBEX who would be able to work with you on such projects. When you are involved in construction claims then you need to carry out time impact analysis, damage assessments and schedule delay analysis to see the monetary impact of the delay. This kind of calculation and evaluation should only be carried out by experts so that you can get an accurate assessment. Considering this, it would in the benefit of every company who works on construction projects to work with experts.

IBEX is a renowned company in this field who has completed many projects over the year successfully. They have good local knowledge in the area they operate in and that is a distinct advantage. They have experience in different disciplines of construction and their expertise extends to CPM scheduling, construction claims and even risk management. Of these, 4D BIM Scheduling is particularly beneficial for companies. This would include logistics planning, project phasing and simulations and digital and visual forensic delay analysis. By working with the state of the art technology you would be able to forecast in a much better manner the problems that might arise with the schedule you have designed.

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Frencheska Forosky is a senior editor in a well-know magazine and her field of interests are mainly into CPM Scheduling and 4D BIM Scheduling. According to her IBEXcs.com is one of the best sources to get dedicated construction scheduling consultants.

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