Mr. Menna history 2P7

                                        My topic is Canadian Lacrosse.

Lacrosse under went many changes in the Olympics. This was Canadas logo.

Lacrosse became a summer sport for kids.

1911 was the year in which the Vancouver lacrosse club was made.

The Army black nights won the Canadian lacrosse championship in 1945, this picture is the Army black nights in 1992.

This picture was taken at the lacrosse world cup, where USA and Canada competed.

25 was a famous lacrosse number in 1950.

Fans watching Canada play a friendly match agents Australia.

The Canadian Under 19 girls lacrosse team in 1999.

The lacrosse stick pouch was longer in the 1900 than it is now.

The new Canadian lacrosse logo now.

This is a Video of the world lacrosse championship - USA vs Canada.

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