Korea and the Korean War

Korea became a divide nation. 38th parallel-there is a stand off between the north and the South. The North was teh communist side suported by teh USSR while the South was the democratic side supported by the US. The North Koreans swept across teh 38th parallel in a surprise attack.

South Korea asks the UN to get involoved. an internationalmariforce was sent to stop the invasion.

North Korea greatly outnumbered the Un forces, who were mainly US. The North was able to push them back out of thier teritory and captured the captial.

North Korea captures the capital-Seoul. Mcarthur who was leading the UN forces asked the president to declare neauclear war. this was viewed as a reckless dessicion which got him fired.

in 1953 The UN forces and the North Kroeans signed a cease-fire agreement. the boader bewteen the two of them was set near to the 38th parallel almost exactly where it had been in the begininning.