Channel Catfish
Fish Facts

Channel Catfishby Jesse and Carson
Feeding habits-It feeds normally at night, they eat aquatic insects.Habitat- Its usually found in big rivers or streams and in the Hudson Bay. Mating- It occurs usually in the spring and early summer, in big rivers they have only one mate their whole lives.Seasonal behavior-they have no significant migrational habits to the season.Sleep behavior-have no specific sleeping habits. Raising young- the female protects her 2000 to 5000 eggs till they swim of on their own.Group behavior don’t have grouping habitsBuilding homes: they find their homes under rocks and in hollow logs.Special abilities: they can control there bloods temperature.



We plan to film at Henderson lake and hopefully discover the ways that they communicate.We plan to stay there for a week.We want to catch the catfish sleeping and them eating. I want to learn how they mate. We need scuba suits and air tanks, we also need underwater glasses, tents will be needed to stay the night, there will be underwater cameras.

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