Life in the North During the Civil War

My name is Slim Jimmy. I live in New York City, New York. The year is 1863. I am 21 years old. I live on my own, while my brother is off fighting in the war for the Union.

Day 1 Entry.

In the morning I eat breakfast, bathe, shave, and go for a run. In the afternoon I eat lunch,  write to my brother, visit my mom, and read the newspaper to see how the army is doing. Today I helped the war effort by writing to my brother and donating food and supplies.

Day 2 Entry: Battle of Gettysburg

     Dear Brother,

I recently heard that you had just fought in the Battle of Gettysburg. I hope you are okay. Gettysburg sure is far from home. I hope other than all the fighting you're having fun. Everyone is okay back home. I love you.

Write back.

      -Slim Jimmy

Day 3 Entry

My daily activities are taking walks, going to church, going to the market, and hanging out with my friends. Today I helped the war by recruiting people to the army.

Day 4 Entry

My brother sent me a letter saying, "Yes, I recently fought in the Battle of Gettysburg. I am alright but I had many good friends of mine die. It was a bloody, hard fought battle. Besides all of the death and fighting it is a great experience. I am glad to hear everyone is okay back home. Write back. -Swae" Me and my families reaction was good. It's good that he is okay and doing well. It's also good that the Union won the biggest battle of the war.

Day 5 Entry

     When President Lincoln was assassinated I was truly shocked. He was one of the greatest presidents ever and it is a shame that he was killed. It's also a shame because everyone was celebrating because the war was finally over and then we had to go through pain and agony because the president was murdered.

     Lincoln was a great man who stopped slavery once and for all. There was no reason for him to get assassinated. The South lost fair and square. I sure do hope the man who did it gets found and put to justice.

     My family had no idea what to think of was Lincoln died. My brother especially since he served under the man himself. I told them to just stay strong and everything will be fine. It truly is a shame how such a good, honest, patriotic, man could be gunned down.

2 newspaper headings I saw were, "Lincoln Shot!" and, "War Over But Lincoln Dead?"

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