Ebola Point of view

As an Ebola Undertaker

“Addae,” Agu called my name from behind me. I turned to see him with the rest of the men and several white bagged dead bodies. The victims were piling up and burying them was becoming a hard task to complete.

“Yes,” I answered.

“We've gotten six more bodies from the villages.” I looked at the bodies and gave a smug look. It was kind of sad to look at these bodies and know that was in the bag was a person. A human that belonged to a family and could have had a mother or father, or child. It was just depressing.

“Alright, let’s get to digging,” I told them and the men grabbed their shovels.

Shoveling the dirt wasn't too hard, but it wasn't too easy. It was the thoughts you had while doing it that were the hardest part to deal with. I used to work in the city, with a food market selling fruits and vegetables. When Ebola hit I lost my two children, and my wife, I myself had caught the virus but fought it off because of the treatment center I was taken too. My family, however passed while I was gone, so now here I am volunteering to save my people here in Africa. - Zoey Woods

Ebola grave diggers in Sierra Leon.

As an Ebola Patient

My stomach pains have gotten more severe. My heads pounding for the past week. I've had diarrhea for a week. Now I am starting to vomit. I'm scared that I am very sick.

Some people pulled into our village and the strangers were coming to take me. They had me get into the back of a truck to transport me to a hospital. The people were trying to help me, but it was hard for me to leave my whole family behind. But they took me, and I couldn't even hug the family good-bye. All I had on my mind on the way there was I hope I get back safely. - Jared Morgan

Victim of Ebola.

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