Day 4 : Glendalough, dream's countryside !
On sunday, we went going to Glendalough, place where we didn't see nobody, nothing all around this spot. The landscape made me feel at Scotland, with its sky but also its colors so particulary. We could see a big lake (even two) between two little mountains, two oranghe and green mountains.
During the first part of this day, we visited the old Glendalough which is in ruin today. With the landscape, we can think at a ghost village :p. Oops, I have forgotten one thing, in the morning we seen a short film about that we visited after “the old Glendalough”. In the second part of the day, after eating, we were going for hiking around the lake. With a group of ten people about, we made the 5km's hiking, the blue way, it was cool. When we arrived at the top of the mountain the view of beautiful :).
So, this was one of the many parts of our trip in Irland.

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