Open Brand Summit


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Is there a sports team that can make or break your weekend?  Is there a cupcake shop or pair of shoes that just makes you smile, no matter how bad your day was?  Is there a person or pet who "gets" you in ways no one else does?  Use Tackk to share that story.  Upload some pictures.  Write a funny anecdote.  Link to a video clip.  Whatever.  Make it yours.  Make it personal.

The Tackk that receives the most "likes" on Facebook by the end of this year's OpenBrand Summit will win a wonderful selection of Cleveland sweets and spirits.

And the team who creates the most Tackks by May 17, 2013 will receive a crazy arsenal of Nerf guns for their office.  Don't forget to tag each Tackk with your company name.

What is Tackk?

Tackk makes online content creation simple, beautiful and fun for everyone.  Simply click and start typing.  There is no community to join.  No software to download.  No design or development skills required.  

Brand and community partners can deploy a fully-personalized Tackk platform to enable their own, branded user-generated content marketing (UGC) programs.  In other words, we transform your fans into brand storytellers.  

Visit to see how easy it is create and share something beautiful. And visit us in the Innovation Lounge at this year's Open Brand Summit.


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