I have been reading Zombiekins written by Kevin Bolger. The characters in this book are Stanley, Miranda, and  a stuffed animal named Zombiekins.  The book takes place in the town of  Dementedyville at their school. The book is about a stuffed animal zombie who comes to life.  Zombiekins bites a girl and then she goes around biting other people and they start to bite people and then most of the school turns into zombies!   It ends up being  pretty chaotic and crazy!

Zombiekins is a demented freak who is half bunny, half bear and half alligator.  His eye is popping out, his fingers are crooked , he has fangs and he drags his leg when he walks.  He looks really creepy.  Stanley can't stand up for himself, he gets bullied by Knuckles. Miranda is a really good friend.  She stands up for Stanley when he is being bullied.  Miranda is the only one in the school who will stand up to Knuckles.

The author did a good job writing the book.  The book kept my attention.  It was interesting and I really loved it!  I noticed the author uses a lot of italics.  He probably does this to make a strong point.  He also uses words like "Stump!-Scri-i-i-itch"  to help the reader really hear the story.

The author did a really good job of explaining everything.  Nothing in the book confused me.  It all made sense.

I think everybody who was turned into a zombie will turn back into a human.  And the people will figure out how to make Zombiekins halt!!

A new word I learned from this story is dawdling which means to move or to act too slowly.  Another new word I learned is gnashed which means to strike or grind your teeth together.  I also learned the word groped which means to reach or touch something usually with your fingers in an awkward way.

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3 years ago

Great response, Z! I like the way you described the setting, the characters, and the problem. You did a great job talking about the choices the author made, as well. Remember that you only have to answer one question per week, so your response doesn't have to be this long. Nice job!