Cyber Security Field Trip Project

By: Jalen Jackson

Mike Good from Cisco spoke about his job and exprience working at Cisco

During his presentation, Mike talked about what Cisco does, which was designing, manufacturing, and selling network equipment. Mike's job was to sell those products to other people. Also, the Cisco headquarters is in San Jose, CA.

Anil Pattini from O.C. Hackerz, talked about what O.C. Hackerz does for a living

During Anil's presentation, I learned that OC Hackerz was created by Anil himself and anyone can become a member. Also, I learned OC Hackerz beliveas that understanding the creative mindset of a ‘hacker’ mentality can allow people to achieve desired results in a much shorter way. Finally, I learned that OC Hackerz competes in the Hackathon, a competition where computer scientists use programming to express their creative thoughts.

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