Audio Broadcasting

Marcus Allen

Session 1

learn how radio stations operates. Be introduced to various radio program formats. Learn how to use a digital audio editing software program.

Session 2

learn the role advertising plays in radio.wrote and record a commercial of my own.use digital audio editing software to record and apply effects to a prewritten commercial.

Session 3

I wrote three news stories and a comentary, as well as an entrie introduction to to your newscast.

Session 4

In this session I recorded an introduction to my newscast. I also recorded tree news stories. and recorded commentary.

Session 5

The various segments of a radio broadcast often have a musical introduction.  the introduction is called a lead-in. lead-ins signal to the audience that a new segment is about to begin. similar music played at the end of a program is called a lead-out.

Session 6

In session 6 I completed the music lead lead-ins and lead-outs for the news and commentary portions of my audio broadcast.I also created an additional musical file for my broadcast.

Session 7

In session 7 I assembled the media files I created in earlier sessions into one final broadcast file.I burned the final broadcast file to a CD.

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