What I'm thankful for and how to handle stress

When you're feeling overwhelmed in any way, I'd advise you to listen to happy, upbeat music.

If music isn't working, I always try to do something that takes my mind off of my problems, such as soccer, running, or video games. These activities are extremely distracting, and should keep you nicely distracted for at least a little while.

Being around good friends or people who can make you laugh is always a sure way to handle stress and problems.

I am thankful for

1) my family and friends,  who manage too make me smile no matter what

2) pizza, and or corn dogs. Because they are too amazing to not be on this list

3) dumb games. Because while they are horrible and annoying to play, at least we can bond in our hatred of them.

4) bad movies. Because how else will we spend Friday nights with 3 pizzas

5) soccer. Because how else would I run off all this energy.  Also because my coach looks like Jesus.

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