Gun Laws

Allowed or Unallowed

Summary: In D.C people can begin applying to carry concealed weapons within weeks under emergency legislation. A bill was created to residents who own registered handguns and nonresidents who have state issued gun carrying licenses to apply to D.C. police for permits in Maryland, New York, and New Jersey. A visual of a holster or a weapon illegal and unaccepted. Police Chief's would issue permits for Guns  if there was a specific danger. If there is no specific danger you can go to a higher rank such a the mayor. The legislation wouldn't allow the carrying of guns on public transportation and in government buildings, schools, day-care facilities, etc.

Ideals: no rights and no liberty

The right to carry fire arms should be allowed to anyone who has a  safe background and of the right age, it shouldn't matter what the reason is. If the person then chooses to use the fire arm inappropriately then hey have to suffer the consequences. To make everyone else suffer is not right, especially if the others are innocent. In the article you cannot and will not be permitted a gun unless they think you are in danger.

Also, liberty is being tested because, the government is confining the people who want fire arms. The second amendment is the right to bare arms and with the government not letting us, or letting us only with an approved reason makes it harder to feel safe.

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