pit bulls

by:Cassidy King

facts about pit bulls

pit bulls are loving dogs sure some of them are mean but that dosen't mean you take it out on all of them.I dislike people that abuse pit bulls it is a cruel punishment and some people do it for no reason that makes me mad and sad at the same time. pit bulls are like flowers if you water them they will become pretty,nice,smell good,and grow. but if you don't water it it will not grow,be ugly, and die if you don't treat a pit bull with the right attention it will become ugly.another reason you have to give your pit bull attention is if you are always hitting it it will do the same thing but it wont hit it will bit and if you are being mean to it for no reason it will thank it did something and probably run away so treat pit bulls the way they treat us loyal and forgiving and help this breed before they all die from sickness or neglect.

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