11 Birthdays

                                                         By: Bayleigh Brannan                                                                                                                

This story is good for someone who is 11 or any one. I encourage you to read this is is a really good book.


The boy in the story is kind and a really good friend to this girl.They are both turning eleven so they are going to have a party.


The girl in the story has some friends and one of her friend has been trying to teach her to do a back handspring. The girl cares about what she does and she is a really good friend.

Good active reading strategies

* Read clearly and make sure that you are understanding the book. *If you are a fat reader than read fast but if not than just read                             at your past.

Make connection to the story like text to text or text to self or                           even text to world

                    *While reading ask questions

          Here is a video of how to use reading strategies.

Here is a game to help you on reading strategies.

There is a  the summary of the the book 11 birthdays

            Hope you will read it.

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