By Alyx, Ali, and julie

A leader stays positive in times of uncertainty. They keep a confident and positive demeanor. People go to them for reassurance and security. They are organized and purposeful, and Malala Yousafzai shows the world her confidence and positivity. All though she was shot in the head for standing up to girls rights, she continued to fight for girls across the world. She thought that girls needed to go to school too, and she voiced that against the Taliban.

We think that Malala is a good leader and inspiration because she has these traits. They are prominent in her and have positives and negatives both. In times of need people with these traits stand tall and reassure the community. On the flip side, this trait sometimes means that they might not come out and say if something is bad. Another thing is that sometimes their positive attitude may seem fake, or forced, but they are optimistic and positive all the same. Confidence is key to be a leader, but sometimes a person may come out over-confident.

Malala embraces the good and bad outcomes that being a leader and inspiration to others. That is what being a good leader needs.

Information from "Seven Qualities of a Good Leader By Barbara White"

Something that does not show these traits is this photo, showing pessimism and negativity.

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