What are the characteristics of the sun?

The sun's boiling surface is marked with dark patches called sunspots, that are actually areas of cooled gas. Even the coolest part is really hot. in the center of the sun the temperature is about 4000 degrees C. or 7200 degrees F. A cloud of gas is called a prominence arches into space at the edges of the sun photographed by the sun-watching space craft SOHO. For time to time huge explosions called flares they occur in the twisted magnetic fields above sunspots.

Water and atmosphere are two reasons why there is life on earth. The distance between Earth and the sun is 150 million kilometers (93 million miles ). if the earth was closer it would be too hot if it was farther it would've been too cold

The earth is divided in many pieces and those are moving slowly every year and volcanoes erupt between the cracks. Satellites keep watching on the earth's atmosphere and ocean, measuring temperatures, wind  speeds, moisture contents and ocean currents.

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