My Amazing Math Review On How To Multiply And Divide fractions

By Gabriella Ortiz

How to multiply and fraction steps 1-5

1.multiply numerator and denominator                                           

2.change any mix number into improper fractions Ex: 3    4/8    

3.                                                                                                     3 x 8 = 24

4.                                                                                                     24 +4=28

5. your answer would be 24 over 28 and don't forget to reduce

6. so if you reduced your answer would be 6 over 8 and you can not reduce anymore

by gabby


In Latin Greek the word fraction means "To Break"

How to divide fractions steps 1-5

1.need to make division problem into a multiplication problem

2.keep your 1st number Ex: 3/5

3.change your sign Ex: division sign to multiplication sign

3.flip your bottom number Ex: 9/3 flip it to make 3/9

4.multiply 3/5 x 3/9 = 9/40     (DON'T FORGET TO REDUCE ONLY IF YOU HAVE TO!!!)

5.In this case you don't have to and your answer is 9/40

By Gabby

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