Peer revising and editing for short story.

there are things that you have to do to your own paper and another peers paper.

The first thing you want to do is under line in different colors the short story elements{transition words, dialogue, varied dialogue tags, descriptive details, and were the main character changes in your story}if you don't have a  lot of one color than that's what you need to add.The next step of the process is handing your paper to another peer and have them read over it and answer questions like if your characters are detailed, if you have a vivid setting, and if you included all the stages of plot{exposition,rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution}and also make sure you have an internal conflict and an external conflict.Once you get your paper back look over what your peer said and see if you can add anything.The positives of peer revising and editing is what that you will know what.The Negatives of peer revising and editing is when they don't see what you see in your short story so they may say something you don't like.

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